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An Enduring Legacy: The McDermott Collection of Impressionist and Modern Art

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Margaret Milam McDermott and her beloved husband, Eugene McDermott, provided both visionary leadership and magnani­mous financial support for the Dallas Museum of Art. After Eugene McDermott’s death in 1973, Margaret McDermott continued to advocate for the city of Dallas, working to enrich not only the local community but also the experience of visitors from all over the world who come to the DMA to view its artistic treasures, many of which have been donated in whole or in part by the McDermotts, the Eugene McDermott Foundation, or The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund. As the catalogue An Enduring Legacy: The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Collection of Impressionist and Modern Art demonstrates, the McDermott Collection, donated to the Museum by bequest, places the DMA “on the map,” so to speak, as regards its newly augmented holdings of nineteenth-and early twentieth-century European art. This lavishly illustrated catalogue includes impressive scholarship on provenance, the works’ bibliographic and exhibition history, and footnoted object entries by world renowned scholars and specialists.


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