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Ancient Gold Jewelry at the Dallas Museum of Art

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This lovely volume illustrates in color superb examples of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman jewelry. Major types of Greek and Etruscan jewelry from the seventh to the first centuries B.C. are well represented, along with a few Roman imperial works. In exquisite miniature, these ornaments reflect the stylistic history of more monumental art: they are sculptures on a small scale.

Underneath the shining splendor these gold objects -- works originally meant to be worn by men and women as a sign of wealth and power in life -- lies a more fundamental meaning. Gold, a mysterious power, was a means for people to communicate with the gods who rule human life.

The skill of the ancient goldsmith has never been equaled. Although the techniques used are for the most part understood, the virtuosity and intricacy of manufacture have vet to be duplicated.



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